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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Yes, it's still Christmas. Remember the 12 days of Christmas? No, it's not just a song. What about Epiphany, when the three kings visit Jesus? (That's when it ends.)

Well, I believe I'm done for my super-surge of website editing. Not saying that I won't update it. I've done some massive editing of a lot of the pages on there. I believe my website's purpose is clearer; what do you think?

I'm going to focus more on my blog and podcast. These are actually the ones I left, while keeping my website active... it should be the other way around... but still, I'm keeping it active.

Speaking about active, didn't the website say something about "The Community?" Okay, I know that sounds like a stupid name for a forum, but if you have a better name that computer noobs can recognize, I'm sticking with it. Anyways, The Community is now another way not to just keep the website active, but another way for others to get questions answered and problems solved. It's also a way for those other computer techs (PC, Mac, or Linux... Blackberry, Android, iPod, Windows phone... I'll allow any techs in!) to come in and give their knowledge. After all, as much as I know, I still learn.

And speaking of learning... I just solved a problem a few days ago that I had for months! And it wasn't just an annoyance, it prevented me from doing a power-saving feature on my computer... I'll tell you all about it in my podcast. I usually talk about my latest computer problem-solves and projects, as I think you'll find those interesting (and I don't talk too techy when I do...).