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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Website remodeling

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Humongous editing. Okay, not design remodeling, but I am doing massive changes to my pages. I am also implementing a new service besides the standard support option, as well as changes to the forum, now to be known as "The Community." The website is now becoming more simplified than it already is. I'm also working with other apps to improve functionality of support requests and appointments.

I may also start reviewing software. I thought of doing reviews on programs at Give Away of the Day, but I simply don't have the time to review many aspects of the program within a day, including the fact I'm on the Pacific coast timezone. However, I may start posting reviews to software that I've found and are simply a hidden gem among the vast programs offered on the Internet.

Take a look at the Community; I've finalized the rules, and opened up more places to post. Don't hesistate to post that question you think is unimporant; someone may have the answer!

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