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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stale content

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I would believe, and admit that my only stale content is my podcast. My blog was at one time stale as well. I have had more time to do some updating,and I hope to publish a podcast this weekend.

If you wish to make your own website,the best way to get many visitors is by simply keeping your website up to date. The Internet is filled with many "cobweb" sites, sites that were started long ago, but were never maintained. Even a small website like mine takes work to keep it fresh.

Not only does a fresh website look more inviting because it's constantly being updated, but Google likes these websites as well. I was able to climb up to the 3rd or 4th result when doing a Google search on "The PC Tech Guy."(Actually, now I'm the first result. WOO-HOO!) So, the moral is: dedication + fresh content + updates = success (And your success is whatever your goal is, whether it is being on top in Google results, or getting visitors daily.)

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